Organic farmers are working hard to grow more organic food and want to keep prices reasonable… However, Congress is failing them. Despite the growing scientific consensus that even small amounts of pesticides are harmful – especially to children, big agribusinesses and their allies in Congress are trying to strip funding for organic farming. In this year’s $76 billion Farm Bill, less than 1% is going to organic farmers! This would mean fewer organic farmers and fewer healthy options for us all.

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) Action Fund is working to help level the playing field by securing the funding organic farmers need and supporting those thousands of farmers transitioning to organic agriculture.

Your help is crucial and right now you can double your impact! From now until June 30, 2007, thanks to matching grants from several of their very generous donors, any donation you make to their fund will automatically be doubled, up to $20,000.

Donations will help fund the EWG Action Fund’s campaign in Congress to shift subsidies away from pesticide-ridden, chemical agriculture and towards organics and environmentally sustainable agriculture. Help secure a rightful place for organics in this year’s Farm Bill! Donate if you can, but definitely sign the petition to “Help Grow Organics.”

Visit their website at, which serves as the home for both the Environmental Working Group and the EWG’s Action Fund. There you can learn much more about this and other issues, or make a donation. Their website has a wealth of information and access to informative and useful databases. I’d strongly recommend visiting even if you are not interested in donating.
To link directly to the donation page for this issue you can link to their page at

Blue-Green Marble is not affiliated with EWG, but appreciates their invaluable efforts to promote the organics movement and their championing of safety for and disclosure to consumers as regards food, product ingredients, and environmental toxins & hazards through their legislative advocacy, research, and publications. We have chosen to relate this information as we believe it to be a timely and important issue our readers can help to impact.